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What makes
Einpark Offices
healthy and

Annual CO2 savings compared to a conventional office building

1 075 164 *

kilograms of CO2

Annual drinking water savings compared to a conventional office building

2 377 164 **

liters of drinking water

* A volume of CO2 emissions equal to a standard car going around the globe 182 times

** The amount of water the average Slovak uses in 382 years

The greenest building in Slovakia

EINPARK Offices is the first building in Slovakia to fulfil the highest certification criteria of LEED Platinum (Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design). The project thus ranks among the top 1% of the most sustainable buildings in the world and at the same time brings new reference standards for future office buildings in the region.

LEED certified buildings protect their surroundings, create a pleasant indoor environment and, in addition, help increase productivity at work.



Drinking water


Higher customer



25 to 30 %

Data from the certification company SALVIS, Green Education Foundation and BCO Guide

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Green roofs

Vegetation on the roof prevents the building from overheating in the hot months and improves the surrounding microclimate. Green roofs are up to 25°C cooler during hot summer days than conventional roofs on most office buildings in the city. The microclimate around Einpark can be up to 2°C cooler than in the rest of the city.

In addition, the roofs are maintenance-free and, in conjunction with rain retention tanks, form an important part of a good green-blue infrastructure. In addition to beautifying and making their surroundings more pleasant, they also capture and utilize all the rainwater that falls on the property, significantly reducing the burden on the sewerage system and thus preventing floods.

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Heat pumps

The extremely frugal and energy-efficient water-to-water heat pump system uses regenerative energy from groundwater to cool and heat the water circulating in the system.

After use, the water is returned to the well. The whole process is extremely fast and efficient, as each pump in Einpark is so powerful that it could fill an ordinary bathtub at home in 10 seconds.

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Electric composter

The unique method of recycling can process up to 50 tons of organic waste per year and turn it into a quality substrate. Additionally, the inconspicuous system works fully automatically and helps us significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

The substrate from the composter is used not only by us for the maintenance of the surrounding greenery, but also by our tenants for fertilizing the greenery in the interiors of their offices or at their homes.

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Energy savings

Einpark fulfills the strictest ecological criteria. From the first draft up to the daily operations, it was designed not only to comply with the LEED Platinum requirements, but also to push the benchmarks of sustainability and quality of office buildings.

Thanks to the combination of intelligent technologies and carefully selected materials and colours, Einpark brings up to 77% energy savings and 51% water savings compared to standard buildings.

The building industry is responsible for almost 40% of the world emissions. Therefore, it is important for us to stand at the forefront of its transformation into a more modern and sustainable industry in Slovakia.

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